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The Semi-Bluff with Flush Draw in No Limit Hold’em

The Semi-Bluff with Flush Draw in No Limit Hold’em

set you up to win

The semi-bluff with flush draw is one of those skills that every poker player should have up their sleeve, able to produce any time things get hairy. However, it's only effective if used wisely, so read on and turn this trick into one of your go-to poker moves.

What Is It?

The Semi-bluff with flush draw is a move that combines semi-bluffing, or bluffing when there's a possibility of an actual win, with a flush draw. For example, there are two hearts on the table and two in your hand, and you bet big: that is a semi-bluff with flush draw. Your bet may convince your opponent you have something already – a bluff – or it may just set you up to win for real later.

When Should You Use It?

The best time to use the semi-bluff with flush draw is when the pot is large enough to want regardless of whether or not game play continues, and when your opponent is not likely to keep betting. Because it's a somewhat dangerous move, you really should only use it if you have a reliable flush draw: two in your hand with a decent high card.

When Can It Turn On You?

Good times to avoid this move are when there are better possibilities on the table, such as a pair that may indicate a full house for your opponent. You also shouldn't use it if there is no chance your opponent will fold (like a free game), or if there's a good chance they have the better draw.

There you have it: a nifty trick for the No Limit Hold'em player who requires a few cards, a decent poker face, and not much else. Try it yourself.

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