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No Limit Hold’em Champion Skills: Advertising

No Limit Hold’em Champion Skills: Advertising

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Varying your style of play to match your opponents is a great thing to do in the complicated world of No Limit Texas Hold'em. So is being unpredictable, and one of the best ways to keep your opponents on their toes is to make sure they have no idea what you're doing. In that case, advertising is your best friend.

What Is It?

Advertising is making sure people know that you're capable of doing bluffing. It will work best if you get people interested in what your cards are when you take a pot, then flip them over and prove to your opponents they've been rooked.

When Should I Do It?

Anytime you're being dealt crummy hands or not seeing a lot of action on your good hands, it's time to vary your style of play. Excellent players will be on the lookout for straight-up players, so prove you aren't easily pegged with a solid, advertised bluff.

When Should I Avoid It?

If you're playing against people who are too limited to notice, or if there's a good chance the people you're playing will leave if they find out. In that case, it's best to keep your bluffing to yourself and save advertising for a time-limited or game, or one with only one winner.

What Will It Accomplish?

Advertising lets other players know you can't be trusted, and that every bet you make might mean you own the hand, or that you're simply trying to buy it. Insecurity on their part is good for you, so use advertising to cultivate it.

Next time the game you're playing isn't going your way, use this handy skill to shake things up and put yourself back in the running, even if cards aren't in your favor.

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