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Casino Terms and Conditions

Casino Terms and Conditions

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Most online casinos have a very unique set of terms and conditions that all players are required to read, understand and employ in their everyday gaming practices. These are often written in a highly technical format that is difficult for players to understand, but some of these terms and conditions seem to be universal.

Proof of Age

In most locations around the world, players are required to be 18 years of age or older in order to take part in casino games. In some locations in the United States especially in casinos where free alcohol is served players must be 21 years of age to even enter the casino. Online casinos will often require players to provide proof of age via credit card but there are other options available. Players who do not own a credit card are often required to fax in copies of documentation that proves their age such as their birth certificate, driver's license or identification card.

Entertainment Only

Another rule that is usually lined out in an online casino's terms and conditions is the 'entertainment only' rule. This rule states that players are only able to access and play the games provided by the casino for personal gain and that the games cannot be used on any other website. The rules also state that players are not allowed to use their casino accounts or banking systems to engage in any illegal activity; funds that were obtained through any illegal means may not be used to place wagers.

These two rules are very important for both the player and the casino in an effort to protect thousands or even millions of players. People who fail to abide by these rules risk having their casino accounts revoked and being asked to repay any winnings.

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