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Bluffing in Low Limit Texas Hold’em

Bluffing in Low Limit Texas Hold’em

Everyone knows what it feels

Low limit Hold'em games are a different kettle of fish, and as such bluffing may not be as profitable as you are used to when playing higher stakes games. Here are some tips that will help decide times to use this skill when playing for less, and when to avoid the bluff altogether.

When the Board Is Intimidating

Everyone knows what it feels like to see a flop go down packed with aces or kings. In cases like this, chances are good that one of the players has the single card needed to make this hand profitable, or that someone is going to try and buy the pot. If it's going to be bought, why not make sure it's you? Even if another player is throwing money around, try check raising to catch them off guard.

To Steal Blinds

Stealing blinds is how the pros play half the time in no limit games, and is a useful tactic for low limit games as well. The best position is small blind, since you bet last, but don't do it unless the players around the table have been generally disinterested: someone who's already raised preflop is likely to match your bet.

When the Whole Table Checks

If everyone is checking, one of two things might be happening. Either someone is slow playing like a champion, or else players really don't have anything. This is a perfect opportunity to step in and pretend you've got something big. Sure, you might walk into a slow player trap, but more likely you'll just take the pot.

Bluffing in low limit games is harder, but certainly not impossible. The trick is watching for your opportunity more carefully than you might in no limit, but it will come eventually.

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