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Baccarat by Microgaming

Baccarat by Microgaming

of the company itself

Since Microgaming is one of the world's leading casino software manufacturers, it is not surprising to learn that Microgaming's baccarat offerings are some of the most popular in the world.

About Microgaming Baccarat

It is often said that the sights and sounds associated with Microgaming's baccarat online games exceed those of an actual land-based casino. This is due in part to superior technology and the innovative nature of the company itself. The layout is sleek and simplistic, making Microgaming online baccarat tables some of the best venues for novice players to hone their skills. Players who visit Microgaming baccarat tables can rest assured that their money is in good hands and protected by some of the most high-tech software available anywhere in the world.

How to Play

The rules for online baccarat mimic those of games found in bricks-and-mortar casinos. The game is played with 52-card decks and the cards are dealt randomly with top-notch random number generating software. The player can bet on the player, the banker or the tie, each one carrying its own specific set of odds. The player will only need to determine the amount of the bet and what to bet one–the rest is handled by the virtual dealer and Microgaming's baccarat software. The player with a hand of eight or nine, or as close as possible, wins the round and bets are paid out accordingly.

While baccarat has long been known as a game set aside for the rich and famous, Microgaming has made the game available to players from all walks of life. Microgaming baccarat comes with a minimum bet of $10.00 for those who like to bet modestly, but high rollers can thoroughly enjoy the $500.00 maximum that the software allows.

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